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Josh Harris

Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment

Josh is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment. In connection with the HBSE portfolio, he is the Managing Partner of the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. Josh is also a General Partner of the Crystal Palace Football Club in the Premier League. Outside of HBSE, Josh is the Co-Founder of Apollo Global Management, a global leading alternative asset manager, and is the Founder of Harris Philanthropies.

David Blitzer

Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment

David is the Founder and Managing Partner of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and in connection with the organization, is the Managing Partner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils. David is also the Global Head of Blackstone’s Tactical Opportunities group (Tac Opps) and a member of the firm’s Management and Operating Committees. Additionally, David is a General Partner of the Crystal Palace Football Club and Founder of the Blitzer Family Foundation.

Chief Executive Officer

Tad Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment


Kathryn Alario

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Activation, 76ers

Pete Albietz

Senior Vice President, Hockey Communications and Team Operations, NJ Devils

Nicole Armellino

Senior Vice President, Accounting & Finance, HBSE

Tyler Bates

Vice President, Entertainment Booking, Prudential Center

Tommy Beebe

Vice President, Creative Director, Philadelphia 76ers

Chad Biggs

Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Activation, HBSE

Elton Brand

General Manager, Philadelphia 76ers

Martin Brodeur

Executive Vice President, Hockey Operations, NJ Devils

Robin Burgos

Vice President, Inclusion & Engagement, HBSE

Marc Ciampa

Vice President, Content, Prudential Center / New Jersey Devils

Ben Cobleigh

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service, Philadelphia 76ers

Ned Cohen

Assistant General Manager

David Collins

Chief Financial Officer, HBSE

Mark Conklin

Vice President, Artist Relations & Programing, Prudential Center

Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson

Vice President, Civic Affairs (HBSE)

Jim Crann

Senior Vice President, Safety and Security, HBSE

Andrew Dean

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Philadelphia 76ers

Tyler Dellow

Senior Vice President, Hockey Strategy & Analytics, NJ Devils

Peter Dinwiddie

Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations

Chelsea Drobnick

Vice President, Premium Partnerships, Prudential Center/ New Jersey Devils

Michael Drobnick

Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service, Philadelphia 76ers

Jonathan Fascitelli

CEO, HBSE Real Estate

Matt Felker

Vice President, Facility Operations/Assistant General Manager, Prudential Center / New Jersey Devils

Paul Fenstermaker

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, HBSE

Tom Fitzgerald

Executive Vice President and General Manager, NJ Devils

Jillian Frechette

Chief Marketing Officer, Prudential Center/ NJ Devils

Mike Goings

Vice President, Social Responsibility/ Fans, Philadelphia 76ers

Allison Goodling

Vice President, Marketing Operations, Prudential Center / NJ Devils

David Gould

Chief Diversity and Impact Officer, HBSE

Travis Green

Head Coach, NJ Devils

Gabe Harris

Senior Vice President of Business Integration, HBSE

Ian Hillman

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Analysis, HBSE

Victoria Isley

Vice President, Partnership Solutions, Philadelphia 76ers

Jim Leonard

Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Executive Director Foundations, HBSE

Ken Lisi

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Prudential Center / New Jersey Devils

Dan MacKinnon

Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager, NJ Devils

Prosper Karangwa

General Manager, Delaware Blue Coats & Vice President, Player Personnel

Fan-Hal Koung

Assistant General Manager, Philadelphia 76ers

Ned Luke

Vice President, Business Solutions, Prudential Center / New Jersey Devils

Kate Madigan

Assistant General Manager, New Jersey Devils

Larry Meli

President, Delaware Blue Coats

Magda Moncrief

Vice President, Human Resources, HBSE

Natasha Moody

Senior Vice President, Diversity & Impact

Braden Moore

Vice President, Data & Analytics, HBSE

Daryl Morey

President of Basketball Operations

Owen Morin

Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, HBSE

Brandon Moss

EVP, Finance and Business Development, HBSE

Brian Norman

Senior Vice President, Ticketing and Premium, NJ Devils and Prudential Center

Katie O’Reilly

Chief Revenue Officer, Philadelphia 76ers

Lara Price

EVP, HBSE & Chief Operation Officer, Philadelphia 76ers

Michael Prindiville

Chief Executive Officer, Dignitas

Sasha Puric

Chief Technology Officer, HBSE

David Reid

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, HBSE

Jake Reynolds

President, New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center

Simon Rice

Vice President, Athlete Care

Zack Robinson

Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services, Prudential Center / New Jersey Devils

Stephen Rosebrook

Executive Vice President, General Manager of Prudential Center

Sean Saadeh

Executive Vice President, Entertainment, Prudential Center

Dana Seiden

Vice President, Partnerships, New Jersey Devils / Prudential Center

Dave Sholler

Chief Communications Officer, HBSE and Philadelphia 76ers

Brad Shron

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, HBSE

Sean Spencer

Vice President, Content Strategy, Philadelphia 76ers

Chris Stackpole

Vice President, Athlete Care, NJ Devils

Christine Steinberg

Senior Vice President, Senior Counsel, HBSE

Bob Steitz

Vice President, Operations, Philadelphia 76ers

Eric Strumwasser

Vice President, Business Development, HBSE

Tina Szwak

Vice President, Controller, Philadelphia 76ers

Tucker Taylor

Vice President, Growth Marketing, HBSE

Leslie Walker

Executive Director, Sixers Youth Foundation

Dylan Wanagiel

Vice President, Sports Properties & Special Events

Kate Whitman Annis

Executive Director, Devils Youth Foundation

Susan Williamson

Senior Vice President, Business Operations, Philadelphia 76ers & HBSE

Nick Vacanti

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Prudential Center / New Jersey Devils

Jasmine Yee

Vice President, Controller, HBSE

Alex Yoh

Vice President, Business Operations, Delaware Blue Coats